Product Details

Airgate directional fan


The Airgate is a centrifugal fan used for rapid renewal of the air in the containers.

Power Supply: 220 – 240 VAC I, 50/60 Hz
Airflow: 2,640 m3/h
Power: 384/452/550W
Maximum Air Pressure: 500 Pa

Dimensions: 510x420x480 mm

IP Protection: IP24

Weight: 14.2 kg




The Airgate directional fan has been designed for specific use in loading bays. Its powerful centrifugal motor works at high revolutions, generating an air current capable of reaching all the container, moving all the air inside. Thanks to this industrial blower fan, you can work at a more comfortable temperature and avoid unpleasant odours or noxious gases produced during transport.

The carrying handle and the low weight of only 14kg allow easy handling and transportation. The 500 Pa air pressure ensures rapid renewal of the air in containers.

The Airgate is equipped with an additional plug for serial connection.

Additional information

Weight15.5 kg
Dimensions520 × 430 × 500 cm