Solar Heating

Solar Heating


The wall solar air heating system of Magnovent is the perfect solution to heat efficiently any industrial warehouse or commercial premise. The integration of this solar heating system will increase workers or customers comfort.

This innovative system allows having hot air without spending energy or generating CO2, as it uses the hot generated by the sun to heat the air that will be then introduced in the building. Additionally, the heating system generates a hot air insulating barrier that avoids cold entrance through the walls.

Solar air heating can be used both as a unique heating system or in combination with the existing heating systems to reduce their power consumption and increase their lifetimes.

The transpired solar air collectors are able to obtain air at a temperature of up to 50ºC higher than the ambient temperature. An EC motor push this hot air through air conducts to the building or to the existing HVAC systems. Every square meter is able to heat up to 150m³.

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Perfect replacement for traditional HVAC systems or to decrease their load

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Creates an insulating heat barrier on the facade and heats the inside of the building

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No CO2 emissions because it only uses natural heat generated by the sun

Solar Heating System Operation

The solar heating is based in a perforated collector allows the entrance of fresh air from the environment that stays between the building facade and the heating system structure. The sun heats the trapped air that is then absorbed by a fan and conducted through the ducts installed inside the industrial building.

The heating system generates 810Wh per m² certificated by SolarKeymark.

Integration of Solar Heat Collectors with Heat Pumps and Central Ventilation

In buildings that utilize sustainable heating systems, especially solar thermal ones, the integration of a solar air heater collector into the wall structure presents unparalleled advantages. Rooted in passive solar heating principles, this solar heater ensures that the air channeled by the HVAC system is consistently warmer than the ambient atmosphere, a testament to the solar air heater efficiency. This not only achieves a more comfortable temperature but also results in a marked reduction in energy consumption. Pairing it with a solar assisted heat pump further optimizes its performance. The extended lifespan of such systems and reduced maintenance costs highlight the solar air heater collector as both a sustainable and economical heating solution.

The HVAC system can take air from an alternative input during summer.

Surplus energy

Mixed use

Night operation

Process heating

The hot air from our collector is added to the production process, avoiding the use of fossil fuels to heat it and achieving significant savings.

Each square meter of collector generates 150m3/h of hot air.

Installation & integration of the solar heating system

The solar air heating system is easy to install and can be integrated perfectly in any concrete, stone, metal or sandwich panel wall.

The perforated collectors are fitted in vertical columns over guides previously screwed to the wall. The solar heating collector weight is only 9.5kg/m².

We can work together with architects or designers to integrate totally the solar air heating in the industrial warehouse.