Evaporative cooler


Evaporative air conditioners take advantage of the natural principle of water evaporation to generate fresh air, reducing the temperature of dry air naturally by increasing humidity. This principle helps avoid the need to expend energy to humidify the air, resulting in very low energy consumption.

The performance of the equipment depends on the temperature and relative humidity conditions of the environment. The hotter and drier the air taken in by the equipment, the greater the temperature reduction obtained. On days with very high temperatures, the relative humidity is usually low, and therefore the performance of the evaporative cooler is maximum.

Funcionamiento evaporativos

Combinable with HVLS fans

Evaporative systems can be combined with HVLS fans, thus achieving a more uniform distribution of fresh air throughout the space and guaranteeing constant thermal comfort.
By combining these two systems, less energy is required to maintain a comfortable temperature. This translates into lower energy consumption and therefore lower long-term operating costs.

Parts of the evaporative system

The evaporative has an axial fan to improve performance and reduce noise. It is highly efficient in energy consumption and has high-efficiency panels that increase cooling capacity and are easy to clean. Its control system efficiently manages its operation, while the cleaning and drying function prevents algae growth.

The distribution system maximizes cooling efficiency through a constant flow of water, and the water pump ensures safety and performance, with anti-overload protection and an intelligent impact start function.

Installation of evaporative systems

Evaporative air conditioners can be used in any well-ventilated space where it is necessary to reduce the temperature in a healthy and natural way. It is suitable for industrial areas such as commercial warehouses, warehouses and workshops.