Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation

Our thermal insulation paint application offers an effective solution to keep heat indoors during cold weather and cool air indoors during warm weather.

At Magnovent, we have extensive experience in the implementation of thermal insulation in a variety of contexts, including buildings, vehicles and residences.

The liquid ceramic thermal insulator adapts to your needs and can be applied in several ways.

  • In the interior of buildings or industrial buildings, this solution ensures a stable temperature in both hot and cold weather, while acting as an anti-condensation paint and preventing the accumulation of moisture on surfaces.
  • By applying the ceramic thermal insulating paint on the exterior of the structure, overheating of ceilings and walls is prevented by reflecting up to 95% of the infrared rays. In addition, it provides complete protection during rainy days and all areas treated with our thermal insulation are protected against corrosion, guaranteeing greater durability and maintenance of the building.

See the success story of Ford in Almussafes (Valencia), where they achieved a 41% reduction in temperature by applying our ceramic thermal insulation.

Discover how to achieve a temperature below 25°C in summer in a logistics warehouse by using thermal insulation and industrial fans.

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Comfortable and constant indoor environment, regardless of external climatic conditions.

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Energy savings

Effective solution to optimize comfort and energy efficiency in any environment.

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Contact us to find out how we can improve your space with thermal insulation.

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Thermal Insulating Paint

The insulating ceramic paint has been meticulously designed to meet the most exacting standards, initially conceived as a coating for the rockets of the prestigious Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Today, this innovative technology is widely distributed as an insulating coating, providing outstanding results in terms of energy efficiency and comfort.

The thermal ceramic paint is an optimal solution for a wide range of industrial and commercial buildings. Its simple application as paint, either by roller or spray, is carried out without interrupting the daily activities of the building, generating temperature differences of up to 20ºC on the treated surfaces.

Thermal paint can be customized in a variety of colors to suit ceilings and walls with different designs, while its flame retardant nature ensures safety once applied and dried, as it does not spread fire. But its functionality does not stop there; Gaina’s thermal insulating paint also offers soundproofing properties, reducing the noise level by 4 to 10 dB.

After two decades of commercial use, the product has been shown to retain up to 60% more heat during the winter months, while reflecting up to 95% of the sun’s infrared rays. Discover our comparative study between two identical buildings: one coated with our thermal insulation in the form of ceramic paint and the other with conventional paint.

In addition to its effectiveness in thermal control, this coating contributes significantly to moisture management in roofs and walls of various materials. Its waterproof nature allows it to repel water while allowing vapor transpiration, thus providing anti-condensation protection and maintaining an optimal indoor environment at all times.


A practical solution for saving energy in residential and commercial and commercial environments.

On window insulation emerges as an effective strategy to significantly reduce the costs associated with heating by minimizing heat transfer through glazed surfaces. In contrast to traditional films, our solution is presented in the form of paint, thus avoiding the risk of cracking and ensuring a uniform and durable application. This fully transparent cladding fits both single-pane and double-pane windows, ensuring complete and efficient coverage.

In addition, this glass insulation becomes an invaluable ally for air conditioning management, improving the efficiency of the cooling system. By reducing the thermal radiation through the windows during the summer months, the interior temperature can be reduced by up to 5ºC.

After a decade of implementation, we have observed a 65% reduction in the entry of infrared rays and 99.7% protection against ultraviolet rays, thus mitigating the harmful effects of the sun indoors and ensuring a more comfortable and safer environment over time.

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