Thermal insulator

Thermal insulation has many different applications, including in buildings, vehicles, and homes. Applying thermal insulators helps keep heat inside during cold weather and keep cool air inside during hot weather.

Anti-Condensation & Ceramic Thermal Insulator Paint

A liquid ceramic thermal insulator can be applied as follows, depending on the customer needs:

  • Applying the ceramic thermal insulator inside the building or industrial warehouse, it will achieve, among other things, a constant temperature in summer and winter and eliminate any humidity.
  • Applying the ceramic thermal insulating paint outside the building or industrial warehouse will prevent the roof and the walls from heating up because it reflects 95% of the infrared rays and will completely isolate these elements on rainy days. Furthermore, all the surfaces where the insulator is applied will be protected from rust.

Glass Thermal Insulator For Windows

Window insulation is an easy way to save money on heating bills by reducing heat passing through windows. Our thermal insulation glass coating is able to reduce the inside temperature in the summer by 5ºC, this is achieved by cutting 99.7% of the ultraviolet rays and 50% of the infrared rays.

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Glass Insulator For Windows

Glass Insulator For Windows

The glass insulator is an innovative product which helps reduce the heat radiated through windows in summer.


Coverage: 40m2
Quantity: 1 L
UV Reduction: 99.7%

IR Reduction: 65%

Tested after 10 years of use


Thermal Insulation Paint Gaina

Thermal Insulation Paint Gaina

The thermal insulator paint from GAINA was designed specially as a coating paint for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s (JAXA) rockets and is currently distributed as an isolating coating with spectacular results in terms of energy saving and comfort.


Coverage: 35 m2
Quantity: 18 L
Heat retained: +60%

IR Reflection: 95%

Tested after 20 years of use