Ford Success Story

About Ford Almussafes

Ford is one of the largest companies in the world dedicated to the manufacture and sale of automobiles and commercial vehicles. In Almussafes (Valencia), Ford has a 1,100,000 m² manufacturing plant that include several storage and manufacturing buildings.

1,456 m² covered

41% temperature decrease

20 years of durability

The challenge


Isolate a single sheet metal sidewall with a 1,459m² surface that receives direct solar radiation without stopping Ford activity.

Increase workers comfort by avoiding heat radiation.

The solution


Ford decided to apply the ceramics thermal insulator to cover this area following Magnovent’s proposal.

The insulation was quickly applied over the entire surface with a spray gun. Using a thermal camera we verified the temperature results. There are differences between 11 and 22 ºC in from treated areas to untreated areas, creating a temperature reduction of up to 41% in the facade.

The heat radiation caused by the metal sheet disappeared once the product was applied. Therefore, the temperature inside the building was improved substantially.