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Thermal Insulation Paint Gaina


The thermal insulator paint from GAINA was designed specially as a coating paint for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s (JAXA) rockets and is currently distributed as an isolating coating with spectacular results in terms of energy saving and comfort.


Coverage: 35 m2
Quantity: 18 L
Heat retained: +60%

IR Reflection: 95%

Tested after 20 years of use





The liquid ceramic thermal insulator from GAINA is the perfect solution for any kind of building or industrial warehouse. It offers thermal and humidity anti-condensation protection in any type of roof, wall and also windows. It can be easily installed as a paint without disturbing the building’s activity and creates differences of up to 20ºC on the surfaces where it is applied.The thermal paint colour can be customised to be applied in coloured roofs and walls. Thermal insulation paint coatings apply to any material.



Easy to apply

The liquid composition of this ceramic thermal insulation paint makes it possible to apply it with a roller or gun, on any surface.


Reflects the sun

95% of the sun’s infrared rays are reflected.


Retains heat

Additional heat of up to 60% is retained in winter.



Completely waterproof but permeable to vapour, this easy to use thermal insulator allows breathability and reduces condensation.



The noise decreases between 4 and 10 dB.



Does not spread fire, it is fireproof once applied and dry.

When applied inside a building or industrial hall, it maintains the inside temperature in winter and summer and eliminates humidity, among other properties. 

When applied outside the building or industrial hall, it prevents the roof and walls from overheating through infrared solar rays and isolates them completely on rainy days.

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Weight19 kg