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AirBeam Industrial Drum Fan


The Airbeam is a directional fan built in DC motor for silent operation, with high IP65 and corrosion protection.


Motor Type and Power: IP65 DC motor with integrated drive, 1000W

Power Supply: 200 – 480 VAC III, 50/60 Hz
Airflow: 47,706 m3/h

Sound level: <58 dBA

Max Speed: 475rpm

Fan Dimensions: 1400x1400x400 mm
Material: stainless steel and Glass Reinforced Polypropylene blades
Control: Potentiometer (Modbus RS485 optional)




Anemoi AirBeam industrial axial drum fans are ideal for installation on ceilings or beams to ensure the comfort of customers and workers. Designed and made in Europe, the AirBeam provides a large flow of directed air from the ceiling or rafters. Additionally, it is suitable for corridors or narrow areas.

The installation of this directional fan is done on the ceiling or by structures on the wall and its inclination can be adjusted by 30º.

The AirBeam is built with a DC motor that makes it quieter and more efficient with an integrated control board. These fans are controlled by a potentiometer. Optionally, you can require a quotation to control these directional fans using Modbus RS485 with one of our controllers. The casing is made from stainless steel and the blades are made from high quality glass-reinforced polypropylene to ensure full protection to corrosion.

This industrial drum fan is ideal for industrial buildings, gyms, farms and any large space in general.


Additional information

Weight50 kg
Dimensions140 × 140 × 40 cm