Infrared Radiant Heating


Infrared radiant heating is a great alternative for those looking to save money on energy costs. Radiant heating is an effective way to heat your home or office because it uses infrared rays to warm up our bodies and objects like furniture, floors, walls, and more. This type of heating also has many other advantages over traditional heating methods.


Industrial radiant heating

Choose between tube or high intensity radiant heaters to warmth your warehouse or large building

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Radiant heating panels

High quality heating panels for home, offices and industrial applications

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Outdoor patio heaters

Electric and gas outdoor patio heaters from 3.2 to 12 kW

What Is Infrared Radiant Heating?

Infrared radiant heating works by emitting infrared light into the room. This light travels through the air and hits surfaces inside the room, warming them up. The warmth then radiates back out into the room, creating a feeling of comfort.

Benefits of Using Infrared Radiant Heating

The most important feature for radiant heating and what makes it the most efficient heating system is that it does not heat the air, but directly people and objects located in its area of operation. This allows opening windows and doors without losing comfort and energy. Thanks to this feature you can select the areas you want to heat and heat outdoors.

Another advantage for this heating system is that infrared rays are radiated instantly and provide a very fast heat feeling. This heating system avoids long waits to heat a room and provides quick comfort and energy savings.

Types of Infrared Radiant Heaters

Magnovent offers a wide range of infrared radiant heaters to cover domestic, commercial, or industrial needs. Depending on the application, we offer radiant heaters from 100W to 70kW and powered with natural gas, propane gas or electricity. Our projects and commercial departments can advise you throughout the purchase process to ensure that you choose the radiant heaters for your needs.