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GS Glass Panel Infrared Heater


GS panel is a radiant heating panel made in very thin glass and selectable in different colours, even as a mirror.

Power supply: 220~240 VAC I, 50/60Hz
Power: 300~850 W
Installation: Wall and ceiling




The GS low-consumption glass infrared heating panels work not only as radiators, but also as towel dryers (you can select the towel bar in purchase options), with a very attractive design. 

These superior quality glass electric radiators are intended above all for heating interiors and modern spaces with high purity and a functional design.

The GS glass panel infrared heater has 12 mm thick toughened safety glass, except the mirror model (8 mm), a heating element, a temperature limiter and power cable.

It is intended for fixed wall or ceiling installation in a horizontal or vertical position, with supplied brackets included with the panel at purchase. 

Low consumption electric radiators are available in various colours (white, black, wine red, basalt, platinum grey, graphite and mirror) and 4 different sizes & powers (300W – 500W – 600W – 850W).

ModelDimensions (mm)VoltagePowerWeight
300 GS panel600x600x39230 V300 W14 kg
500 GS panel1200x400x39230 V21 kg
600 GS panel1200x600x39230 V700 W26 kg
850 GS panel1200x800x39230 V850 W38 kg


Additional information


300 W, 500 W, 600 W, 850 W


Basalt, Black, Graphite, Mirror, Platinum grey, White, Wine red

Towel bar

Yes, No