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VT Radiant Heating Panel for Accessible Roofs


VT panel is a radiant heating panel with patented granulated finish that maximizes radiation designed for accessible roofs.

Power supply: 220~240 VAC I, 50/60Hz
Power: 300~600 W
Installation: accessible roofs




VT is a radiant heating panel specially designed for installation in accessible roofs with a patented granulated finish for maximum heat radiation.

The standard colour of this radiant heater is white and comes with a 1m power cable. It is available in 2 power ratings (300W – 600W). Class IP 44.

Applications: Offices, Commercial Premises, Classrooms, Residential sector, Restaurants, Hotels.

ModelDimensions (mm)VoltagePowerWeight
300 VT panel574x574x30230 V300 W5.1 kg
600 VT panel1174x574x30230 V600 W10.2 kg


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300 W, 600 W