Mobile evaporative cooler

Discover how our innovative evaporative air conditioning system works: take advantage of the power of evaporation to cool your spaces naturally and efficiently. Our system takes air from outside and passes it through filters moistened with water, where instant cooling occurs. The fresh air is then distributed inside your facility. Definitelybecomes in an ecological and sustainable alternative.
Evaporative air conditioning systems stand out for their outstanding energy efficiency, offering great energy savings compared to conventional air conditioning systems. Furthermore, by avoiding the use of chemical refrigerants, evaporative systems significantly reduce the carbon footprint of industrial facilities, making them environmentally friendly.
These devices offer a convenient and effective solution to refresh any space quickly and easily. Some of them are:

Portability: Portable evaporatives are easy to transport and can be placed anywhere instant cooling is needed. They are a versatile option that adapts to various situations.

Improved Air Quality: Portable evaporative evaporators can help improve indoor air quality while providing a cool and comfortable environment.

Versatility: Portable evaporatives come in a variety of sizes and capacities to fit different needs and spaces

Portable evaporative evaporators offer an efficient and convenient solution to maintain cool and comfortable spaces. They are the perfect option for those looking for effective cooling.

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Magnocool M 12

Magnocool M 12

Improve the environment of industrial buildings with the new Magnocool M 12 evaporative system, designed to provide a fresh and healthy environment. Buy it now!

Power: 440W
Air flow: 12000 m3/h
Coverage: 150 m²
Speeds: 3
Deposit: 70L
Sound level: Maximum 70 dB
Timer up to 24H.

Magnocool M 18

Magnocool M 18

Improve the thermal sensation in industrial buildings and warehouses with the Magnocool 18 evaporative cooler, designed to provide fresh and healthy air. Buy now!

Power: 700W
Air flow: 18000 m3/h
Coverage: 200 m²
Deposit: 96L
Speeds: 3
Sound Level: Maximum 70 dB
Timer up to 24 hours.

Magnocool M 26

Magnocool M 26

Tackle the heat with the new evaporative Magnocool M 26, a device that provides a pleasant and cool climate without compromising energy savings. Buy now!

Power: 750W
Air flow: 26000 m3/h
Coverage: 300 m²
Storage: 280L
Sound Level: Maximum 70 dB

Magnocool M 34

Magnocool M 34

The Magnocool M 34 is the ideal choice for industrial, commercial and hospitality environments. This device is equipped with casters for added convenience.

Power: 1000W
Air flow: 34000 m3/h
Coverage: 500 m²
Deposit: 350L
Sound Level: 70 dB max