Industrial Radiant Heating



Industrial radiant heating from Magnovent are thought to be installed in walls or ceilings of big warehouses and buildings of high ceilings. We are partners of Gogas, a German company specialized in industrial heating since 1946. We perform industrial heating turnkey projects to our customers with the latest tube heaters and high intensity heaters that provide instant heat to the desired areas to guarantee comfort. In terms of energy savings, these decentralized heating systems can operate without distribution losses, the key of their highest efficiency. Energy savings calculated are higher than 50% over conventional heating systems.


The DSX tube heater is the last model designed by Gogas that integrates several unique components: a burner of the latest generation, a reflector with innovative geometry and high-quality materials. Thanks to this, radiant tubes achieve an energy efficiency close to 100% and a very high radiation factor of up to 78%. Our projects team can adapt the tube heater customer needs because of its flexible design.

After the burner action, combustion between gas and air is produced inside the steel heating tube. After this, the steel radiant tube reaches surface temperatures of around 350ºC and starts radiating this heat.

The reflector made in aluminium reflects radiation perfectly and does not radiate any heat to the ceiling through the reflector. This novel folded hood geometry provides 10 reflection surfaces directing the infrared energy targeted around the heating tube downwards to the area to be heated. A bounce-back effect, i. e. reflection onto the tube is avoided. Thus, nearly 100% of the heat is used for heating purposes, with the corresponding saving.

The DSX tube heater is the first to integrate a modulating burner with combustion air adjustment and highly efficient EC fan that allows reducing energy consumption.

Our projects department selects the perfect tube considering the building area and the zones to heat shapes. Tubes range from 10 to 66 kW and their dimensions go from 3.6 meters to 12.3 meters.

The DSX tube heater can be ordered for natural gas or propane. This makes possible the installation of industrial heating in all geographical areas.


The KMI industrial radiant heater is a premium system proven for more than 70 years. Its singularity is that the gas is premixed with the necessary combustion air and distributed in the stainless steel-combustion chamber. The innovative high-grid radiation grid is installed in front of the ceramic plates to provide a stable flame and best radiation yield. The result is a radiation factor of up to 82% and very low NOx emissions.

The heart of this high intensity industrial gas heater is the combustion chamber, packed with innovations, made of heat-resistant chromium steel and fitted with German precision ceramics and a truly extraordinary structured surface. Hot combustion gases at about 650°C flow around the combustion chamber from all sides, and the gas/air mixture undergoes extremely effective pre-heating. This surface-enlarging structure, and more than 900 extremely fine pores on every ceramic plate, allow for surface temperatures of 950°C to be achieved, and thermal energy of 1,500 Watt per ceramic plate. The almost perfect combustion of the combustible gases is virtually pollution-free.

Magnovent requires building drawings and indications of the areas to heat to bring the best heat distribution to our customers. KMI industrial heaters range from 6 to 36 kW.

The KMI industrial heater can be ordered like the DSX tube heater for natural gas or propane.