Magnovent brings the best solutions in all sectors. We are experts in comfort and energy savings using fans, radiant heating and thermal insulation.

Having thermal comfort in logistics or any kind of warehouse has been very difficult and expensive until now.

  • Fans create a smooth breeze that decreases thermal sensation in up to 6ºC and homogenize the air temperature.
  • Radiant heating allows to heat only the required areas and avoid heat loses by opening doors.
  • Thermal insulator can avoid the heat radiation produced by the sun in walls or roofs during the summer months.

The combination of these systems ensure maximum comfort and energy savings.

The fans for car dealers and mechanical workshops allow to maximize the mechanical and human effectiveness.

  • HVLS industrial fans or the portable fans are capable of reducing thermal sensation up to 6ºC in any space, whether to produce, store, distribute or market.
  • The thermal paint can avoid any wall or ceiling radiation in non-insulated surfaces.
  • The glass insulation coating is the perfect solution to avoid radiation in car dealers with big glass facades because it reduces 5ºC the internal temperature.

We ensure big energy savings, and workers and customers comfort combining fans and thermal insulation. Additionally, radiant panels and heaters can be the perfect solution for winter.

An optimal and pleasant ambient temperature, makes customers feel more comfortable and spend more time in hotels and restaurants, and in the same way increases the productivity of employees.

  • Fans use low electricity consumption to clean and renew the air, as well as eliminate gases, odors and dust in suspension.  In combination with HVAC systems can save up to 30% energy annually. Sleeping with a fan has been shown to be healthier than air conditioning.
  • Radiant heating can be used to heat efficiently the different rooms saving up to 70% energy and also to increase heat in some areas. Patio heaters can also make outdoors comfortable.
  • Thermal insulation paint can keep 60% additional heat in winter and avoid heat radiation in summer. The glass thermal coat avoid radiation from the windows and reduces the internal temperature up to 5ºC in summer.

The combination of these systems is the best solution to ensure comfort and save a huge amount of energy.

Public Spaces ceiling industrial fan

Making 100% comfortable outdoor, closed or high ceilings public spaces is a great challenge (especially during the warmer months).

  • Fans are the most efficient way to reach thermal comfort and energy savings in large spaces. They reduce thermal sensation in up to 6ºC in summer reducing energy consumption and avoid that heat goes to the top air coats in winter saving up to 45% energy. The continuous movement and renewal of air make a safer ambient for all the building.
  • Thermal insulation for walls, ceilings and even windows can prevent heating radiation in summer and ensure thermal comfort and energy savings.

These products are ideal for all types of public spaces such as: public buildings, stadiums, airports, train stations, among others. They guarantee comfort, energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction.

In gyms and sporting facilities, the stagnant air can overstress athletes and generate unpleasant odour and humidity levels. Fight them back with ventilation systems of the Anemoi series.

These powerful, highly energy-efficient fans for sporting facilities are able to move huge volumes of air, creating a cooler and less humid environment while maintaining energy costs below 1 euro per day. Given their silent operation and wide range of colours, these fans will seamlessly blend into the design and environment of your facilities.

In non-insulated buildings, thermal insulator paint can avoid heat radiation and for glass facades we have the perfect solution to avoid the sun radiation, our glass coat.

The aim of any business is to increase sales as much as possible. Magnovent provides thermal comfort and energy saving solutions that will make customers will stay longer and spend more money. Additionally, the implementation of the industrial ventilation system with HVLS technology and the radiant heating will improve employee comfort, which is reflected in an increase in productivity.

  • HVLS fans create a breeze sensation that seems being outdoors with a pleasant breeze of air. Together with the HVAC systems, fans save up to 25% energy in summer and up to 45% in winter. In tempered months, fans can be the solution to save up to 100% in the HVAC systems.
  • Radiant heating can save up to 70% energy compared to the traditional HVAC systems and allow having the doors opened at any time.

Magnovent products range from residential to the biggest buildings. We can help save energy to the families using products with great design and that provide maximum comfort.

  • Efficient fans move a huge amount of air using low energy and with an appealing design easily adaptable to your own style. These ceiling fans can be used in all the rooms of your home. Sleeping with a ceiling fan has been shown to be healthier than air conditioning and their consumption at low speed is only 3W.
  • Radiant heating panels with different dimensions and materials can save up to 70% energy compared to traditional heating systems.
  • Thermal insulator can retain 60% additional heat in winter, reflect the sun in summer and waterproof any surface to avoid any humidity problem.
Ventilador de techo en aulas - Magnovent

Schools and universities are rooms with high concentration of people in which the stagnant air can generate unpleasant odor and require frequent air renewals.

  • Fans generate a smooth breeze that cleans the air and accelerate air renewals by opening a door or window. They also improve HVAC systems effect and help saving up to 30% annual energy.
  • Radiant heating panels can heat a room more quickly than traditional air systems and save up to 70% energy. If air renewals are required frequently, heat loses are avoided using radiant heating and comfort is not compromised when opening a window or door in winter.
  • Glass thermal insulator reduces UV rays in 99.7% and IR rays in 60% in windows facing the sun.

The combination of these technologies guarantees energy savings, comfort and CO2 emissions reduction.

Employees who are more comfortable are more productive, the same goes for livestock. The HVLS ceiling fans will move the air to reduce heat in the summer months and lower the heat that condenses on the top of the ship in winter time. Magnovent’s HVLS industrial fans will not only improve the thermal sensation, but also solve the agricultural problems that arise, such as: reduction of odors, humidity control, avoidance of insects, improvement of air quality, soil conditions to improve herd health.

As for agricultural productsHVLS fans are the best solution, since they allow to homogenize the temperature throughout the ship. High energy efficiency fans help reduce humidity and condensation, improve employee comfort and productivity. Our fans are extremely quiet and are able to distribute the air in every corner.