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IN/IKP Radiant Heating Panels for Special Applications


IN/IKP panels are a radiant heating panels with patented granulated finish that maximizes radiation designed for humid and ATEX applications.

Power supply: 220~240 VAC I, 50/60Hz
Power: 700~750 W
Installation: Humid and ATEX areas




Radiant heating panels IN/IKP have been specially designed with a patented granulated finish for installation in very humid or ATEX areas. Their finishing provides maximum heat radiation.

The standard color for the radiant heat panel is white. Available in 2 power ratings (700W – 750W), it comes with a 1m power cable.

Applications: Industry.



ModelDimensions (mm)VoltageProtectionPowerWeight
700 IN panel1192x592x30230 VIP 65700 W10.9 kg
700 IN-2 panel1192x592x30230 VIP 65, E Ex 2700 W10.9 kg
750 IKP panel1192x592x30230 VIP 54750 W10.9 kg


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700 IN, 700 IN-2, 750 IKP-2