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Evaporative Cooler Magnocool M 34


The Magnocool M 34 is the ideal choice for industrial, commercial and hospitality environments. This device is equipped with casters for added convenience.

Power: 1000W
Air flow: 34000 m3/h
Coverage: 500 m²
Deposit: 350L
Sound Level: 70 dB max





Discover the revolutionary line of Magnocool portable evaporative evaporators, specially designed to increase comfort in industrial environments such as factories and warehouses. These systems implement innovative evaporative cooling technology, where water transforms into vapor and absorbs surrounding heat, generating cooler air. Its portability offers flexibility for strategic placement, thus optimizing thermal sensation in various areas. Furthermore, they are established as an efficient and economical alternative, guaranteeing greater well-being and comfort to those who work in these spaces.

The Magnocool M 34 has been designed with a power of 1000W and has a coverage area of ​​500 m2, making it ideal for larger sites such as factories. It has a 350L tank and a timer for greater comfort. It has been designed with up to three speeds to choose from and a water intake and drain.

Additional information

Weight182 kg
Dimensions224 × 197 × 92 cm