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Evaporative Cooler Magnocool M 26


Tackle the heat with the new evaporative Magnocool M 26, a device that provides a pleasant and cool climate without compromising energy savings. Buy now!

Power: 750W
Air flow: 26000 m3/h
Coverage: 300 m²
Storage: 280L
Sound Level: Maximum 70 dB




Explore the innovative Magnocool portable evaporative evaporators, specially designed to offer comfort in industrial environments such as factories and industrial warehouses. These systems apply the principle of evaporative cooling, where water evaporates and absorbs heat from the environment, generating cooler air. Thanks to their portability, they can be strategically placed to optimize the thermal sensation in any area, thus offering an efficient and economical option. In addition, they contribute to the well-being and comfort of the people who work in these places.

The Mistair Mobile 26 evaporative is a model designed to provide better air quality while helping to reduce indoor temperatures. It covers up to 300 m² and has a 280L water tank. It is perfect for larger areas such as factories, and thanks to its design with four wheels you can transport it easily.

Additional information

Weight110 kg
Dimensions176 × 157 × 73 cm