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Evaporative Cooler Magnocool M 18


Improve the thermal sensation in industrial buildings and warehouses with the Magnocool 18 evaporative cooler, designed to provide fresh and healthy air. Buy now!

Power: 700W
Air flow: 18000 m3/h
Coverage: 200 m²
Deposit: 96L
Speeds: 3
Sound Level: Maximum 70 dB
Timer up to 24 hours.




Meet the Magnocool portable evaporative evaporators, designed to transform environments such as factories and industrial warehouses. The portability of these systems allows for strategic placement, optimizing the thermal sensation in any area. Furthermore, this solution is not only efficient and economical, but also increases the well-being and comfort of workers.

The Mistair Mobile 18 evaporative air conditioner uses the natural principle of water evaporation to achieve cold, healthy air while reducing energy consumption. It has a coverage area of ​​200 m², making it perfect for keeping larger areas ventilated.

It has a power of 700W and up to three speeds to choose from. In addition, it has been manufactured with a 96 liter tank for longer life. It has a water intake, a filling hatch and a drain through which to remove the water from the evaporative. In addition, it will not create excessive noise thanks to the fact that it has a sound level of 70 dB.

Additional information

Weight63 kg
Dimensions165 × 112 × 70 cm