Natural radiant stone panel. Intelligent heating.

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Natural radiant stone panel
We combine the efficiency and comfort of electric radiant heating with the beauty of sintered stone creating a unique and elegant design. Sintered stone has extraordinary properties (100% natural, scratch resistant, easy to clean, hygienic, heat radiation) that gives this new product maximum quality.
It combines perfectly in any type of environment, homes, hotels, offices, restaurants, shops, etc.
Can be converted into a towel-dryer design by adding the towel rail (optional)

Panel available in 4 different sizes corresponding to 4 powers between 300 W and 1050 W. It is easily installed on the wall both horizontally or vertically.


* Possibility of acquiring the remote control system (V22 transmitter Programmable thermostat + V23 receiver), TFT Wifi or other regulation systems.
Transmitter V22
Transmitter Wireless electric heating thermostat to associate with V23
Bidirectional communication 868 Mhz
Supports up to 4 receivers
13 weekly programs (9 preset 4 user).
It can operate independently or within a centralized regulation associated with the central unit V24.

Thermostat connected by WiFI for electric heating. Control via Mobile application (IOS or Android). Totally intuitive operation. 2.8 ”color screen. Quick programming with multiple temperature level settings. 7 weekly programs (4 preset + 3 user). Open window function. Monitoring of the energy consumed. Menu in 17 languages.
Three modes available: Environment, Ground, Environment + ground. PID regulation or hysteresis of 0.5ºC. Set point between 5-35ºC. Class II - Relay 16 A. Includes soil probe.
Available in two colors (White - Black)

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