Airslim 240W - Ventilador industrial HVLS

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HVLS industrial fan

The industrial 240V HVLS fan incorporates an extremely quiet motor.
  • Large air flow: 46,795 m3 / h
  • Very light and easy to install.
  • Designed for industrial and commercial use.
  • It can be installed in places up to 7.5 meters high.
  • Easy operation, you can choose between the Magnocontrol, intuitive control for one fan, the control screen up to 10 units and the Magnocontrol 10/25 to control more industrial fans independently.
ConsumptionAir flowMaximum coverage
AIRSLIM 250M2,44 m5 ~ 90 W/h46.795m3/h218 m²
AIRSLIM 300M3 m5 ~ 170 W/h109.320m3/h510 m²
AIRSLIM 350M3,6 m5 ~ 215 W/h163.145m3/h762 m²
AIRSLIM 400M4,3 m10 ~ 190 W/h192.288m3/h897 m²
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