Airslim 200 (100W) - HVLS industrial fan

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HVLS industrial fanThe most efficient industrial HVLS fan with the finest motor on the market.

2 m fan diameter, Máx. Speed 130 rpm, Coverage: 71 m2

  • HVLS fan for domestic or commercial use.
  • Great air flow
  • Very light and easy to install.
  • Extremely silent
  • It can be installed in places up to 5 meters high.
  • Easy to use, you can choose between the remote control, the intuitive Magnocontrol for a fan or the Magnocontrol 10/25 to control more number of industrial fans independently.

AIRSLIM" class="redactor-linkify-object">">AIRSLIM | THE THINNEST HVLS FAN ON THE MARKET from Magnovent on Vimeo.

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