Descubra todas las ventajas que ofrecen nuestros ventiladores en cada sector
Agricultura / Ganadería

[:es][:en] Cooling solutions for the farming sector Employees who are more comfortable are more productive, the same goes for livestock. The HVLS fans will move…

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Automoción / Aviación

[:es][:es][:en] Climate solutions for any kind of workshops, car dealers and hangards The fans for dealers and mechanical workshops allow to maximize the mechanical and…

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Centros comerciales

[:es][:en] HVLS FANS FOR SHOPPING CENTERS Poor ventilation can make any store or shopping center a hot and unpleasant place for workers and customers. Magnovent…

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Espacios Públicos

[:en][:en] Efficient ventilation systems for public areas Making 100% comfortable outdoor, closed or high-roof public spaces a great challenge (especially during the warmer months). The…

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Industria / Logística

[:es][:es][:es][:en] At Magnovent, we offer efficient customized industrial air-conditioning solutions for any space. Our industrial ventilation systems are designed to adjust themselves to the special…

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Instalaciones deportivas

[:es][:es][:es][:en] ANEMOI Fans in sporting facilities In gyms and sporting facilities, the stagnant air can overstress athletes and generate unpleasant odour and humidity levels.   …

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Locales Comerciales

[:es][:es][:es][:en] Ventilation systems for commercial premises are very important to ensure visitors comfort. HVLS fans create a breeze sensation that seems being outdoors and, consequently,…

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Sector Residencial

[:es][:en] In Magovent you will find a fan for each place This powerful and efficient fans use 50% less energy to move 76% more air,…

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