Automotive / Aviation

Automotive / Aviation

Climate solutions for any kind of workshops, car dealers and hangards

The fans for dealers and mechanical workshops allow to maximize the mechanical and human effectiveness. HVLS industrial fans are capable of cooling any space, whether to produce, store, distribute or market.

The most productive workers are those who enjoy greater comfort in their workplace. Make sure they feel comfortable and you can contemplate how the benefits of your business increase.

Airports and hangars are characterized by high ceilings and need to cover large areas. Magnovent’s largest fans (7.30 meters) are capable of ventilating the entire surface, generating the desired comfort.

HVLS fans move large amounts of air at low speed to generate the ideal comfort for the minimum price. In summer months they are responsible for ventilating the whole premises and in the winter months, they lower the heat of the upper layers, thus significantly reducing energy consumption at both times of the year.