solar air heater

Solar air heating

Wall air solar heater

Efficient heating system that uses solar energy to heat air

The wall solar air heating system of Magnovent is the perfect solution to heat efficiently any industrial warehouse or commercial premise. The integration of this solar heating system will increase workers or customers comfort.

This innovative system allows having hot air without spending energy, as it uses the hot generated by the sun to heat the air that will be then introduced in the building. Additionally, the heating system generates a hot air insulating barrier that avoids cold entrance through the walls.

Solar air heating can be used both as a unique heating system or in combination with the existing heating systems to reduce their power consumption and increase their lifetimes.

The solar wall is able to obtain air at a temperature of up to 45ºC higher than the ambient temperature like you can see in the next example corresponding to a Canadian installation.

Solar air heating

Energy savings

Avoids the energy consumption of a traditional HVAC machine

Energy savings

Reduces load in heating systems


Creates an insulating heat barrier and heats the inside of the building


Generates zero CO2 emissions

Solar heating system operation in non-climate buildings

The Lubi® perforated glazing collector allows the entrance of fresh air from the environment that stays between the industrial warehouse and the heating system structure. The sun heats the trapped air that is then absorbed by a fan and conducted through the ducts installed inside the industrial building.

In order to maximize efficiency and keep the generated air temperature constant, the system reuses the hot air of the building top coats.

The system is unabled in summer by opening the top part.

Solar air heating system operation in climate buildings

In climated buildings, the wall solar heating system allows that the air absorbed by the HVAC machine is hotter than the ambient temperature air. This makes an important consumption reduction, and, consequently, its lifetime is increased and the maintenance costs reduced.

The HVAC system can take air from an alternative input during summer.

Solar air heating


Energy savings

Installation & integration of the solar heating system

The solar air heating system is easy to install and can be integrated perfectly in any wall.

The perforated glazing collectors are fitted in vertical columns over guides previously screwed to the wall.

In a dark surface, our solar heating system is 20% more efficient than any other glass or metal solar collector. However, in a light surface, the system becomes 58% more efficient.

We can work together with architects or designers to integrate totally the solar air heating in the industrial warehouse.

Solar air heating

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