Small fans

Ceiling Fans for small spaces

Design, efficiency and exclusivity


Magnovent is committed to its solutions in all types of buildings and a good example of this are these exclusive design domestic ceiling fans.

If we combine the comfort that these fans produce in summer to the energy savings they provide throughout the year, we are facing a key element in every room. Without a doubt it is the most exclusive ceiling fan range for all types of applications such as homes, commercial premises, hotels, offices, etc …



When we talk about Aeratron, we talk clearly about efficiency and this shows that this fan has been awarded from 2013 to 2018 as the most efficient ceiling fan. For its 6 speeds, its power consumption goes only from 3W to 18W.

In addition, its design combines nature and technology because this ceiling fan has been designed carefully studying the movement of the fastest and quietest birds.

It is available in various colors and sizes.

Nordik International Plus


Modern ceiling fan suitable for any type of room. Metal parts painted with scratch-resistant polyester powder, suitable for outdoor use.

Very quiet fan suitable for operation at night.



If you are looking for a more industrial style, this is your ceiling fan.

With a diameter of up to 2.44m, it is the largest fan we offer for small spaces.

It can be ordered with a full aluminum or wood color finish with a black motor.

Momo Design


The only fan in the world designed by MOMODesign is manufactured with the highest quality materials.

This exclusive ceiling fan is fully customizable and reaches 1.80m in diameter.



The Nordik Heavy Duty ceiling fan is a ceiling fan for commercial and industrial use.

It has IP55 protection that makes it resistant to dust, water and dirt.

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