Momo ventilator

The only Momodesign fan

The MOMODESIGN range offered by Magnovent is undoubtedly the fan that everyone dreams of. Enjoy a unique fan totally customizable and composed of pieces with high quality materials.


The careful design of the blades maximizes the air flow generated by the fan up to 16500m³/h. The motor is ready to be used in direct and inverse mode, ideal to achieve energy savings in both summer and winter.


The materials of this design fan have been carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality and the best finishes.


To adapt to any place or design, as it could not be otherwise, in addition to the colors, the height of the fan and its diameter can also be chosen. The MOMODESIGN fan has three different heights and up to four diameters that allow you to configure it from the most discreet size of 120cm to the most visible of 180cm.

Design your own NORDIK AIR DESIGN fan by combining the finish of the blades, the suspension system kit and the engine you want. Welcome creativity! Customize it →