Radiant tube DSX


The gas radiant heating tube from Magnovent is the perfect solution to generate heat in the industry for three reasons: heat reaches workers instantly, gas is one of the cheapest combustibles and tubes allow heating only the required areas.

Gas efficient heating system based in radiant tubes for industry

Radiant heating, unlike other heating systems, is characterized by heating instantlyse caracteriza por calentar de forma instantánea, without waiting. This innovative infrared rays system similar to the sun does not heat the air, but the persons and objects located in its operation area, which allows it to be the most efficient heating system.

Gas is one of the cheapest combustibles of the market. Our radiant heating tubes can operate with natural gas or propane, something that would certainly contribute to reduce your energy consumption.

The heating tubes system allows designing different shapes according to the work areas in order to heat only the required zones, avoiding heat losses and that the hot air is installed in the top coats of the building.

Gas radiant heating tube operation

Radiant tube heaters are essentially composed of a gas burner, a radiation tube and a reflector. After the burner action, combustion between gas and air is produced inside the steel heating tube. At this time, the steel radiant tube reaches surface temperatures of around 350ºC and starts radiating this heat.

heating tube

Aluminium is the optimal material for reflectors. It reflects radiation perfectly and it does not radiate any heat to the cealing through the reflector. This novel folded hood geometry provides 10 reflection surfaces directing the infrared energy targeted around the heating tube downwards to the area to be heated. A bounce-back effect, i. e. reflection onto the tube is avoided. Thus, nearly 100% of the heat is used for heating purposes, with the corresponding saving.


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Gas radiant heating tube accessories

By means of the patented TRIGOMAX® flue gas heat exchanger for residual heat utilisation the unit becomes an energy saving condensing heater system. This downstream heat exchanger converts the otherwise lost heat from the flue gases into usable heat for space heating. Both hall operator and environment benefit from this. The result: Up to 110% efficiency!
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