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Industrial gas heaters

Efficient heating system with industrial gas heaters

Industrial gas heaters from Magnovent are the perfect solution to heat efficiently any kind of industrial warehouse and even opened spaces like stadiums. Including gas heaters to increase workers or customers comfort is necessary to improve their productivity or purchases during winter.

Unlike other traditional heaters, the industrial gas heaters distributed and installed by Magnovent are a radiant heating system which heats instantly the required areas, avoiding heat losses.

Industrial gas heaters operation

The heart of all GoGaS high intensity industrial gas heaters is the combustion chamber, packed with innovations, made of heat-resistant chromium steel and fitted with German precision ceramics and a truly extraordinary structured surface. This surface-enlarging structure, and more than 900 extremely fine pores on every ceramic plate, allow for surface temperatures of 950°C to be achieved, and thermal energy of 1,500 Watt per ceramic plate.

M Series

The price-performance winner Series M, with its reflector geometry made of Feran, is a real achievement with its low weight, easy handling in installation, and, of course, the low costs. If the focus is not necessarily on efficiency, or the annual operating hours are low, the Series M has to be the first choice.

KMI series

The greatest GoGaS innovation in the high intensity heaters sector, the Series KMI, is the ultimate premium system. With the KMI Series, the innovative “warm heart” is freely suspended in a 3D-enclosed isolated chamber. Hot combustion gases at about 650°C flow around the combustion chamber from all sides, and the gas/air mixture undergoes extremely effective pre-heating. The almost perfect combustion of the combustible gases is virtually pollution-free.


Energy savings


Radiation factor

Maximum power in KW

Industrial gas heaters characteristics

The main characteristics of our M series industrial gas heaters are:

Power: 6-36kW
Radiation factor: 65%
Maximum consumption: Natural gas: 3,61m3/h, Propane: 2,80kg/h

The main characteristics of our KMI series industrial gas heaters are:

Power: 6-36kW
Radiation factor: 80%
Maximum consumption: Natural gas: 3,60m3/h, Propane: 2,80kg/h

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