Variomax terrace stove


Heating with outdoor gas terrace stoves

Efficient gas heating system for leisure and restoration terraces with wall-mounted terrace stoves

Heating with gas stoves for terraces from Magnovent is the perfect solution for any kind of leisure and restoration premises. The installation of gas stoves to increase customers’ comfort in outdoor terraces during winter has become a must to increase sales.

Unlike traditional gas stoves that we can find in bars, restaurants and leisure premises, the gas terrace stoves of Magnovent are a radiant heating system that heats only the required areas, avoiding heat losses.

Our gas stoves are built-in aluminium for outdoor installation and have an industrial design that fits in any environment.

As an example of its quality, the stoves for terraces were designed by Gogas in 2011 and they won the Plus X Awards 2011 in the quality and functionality category.

Operation of the radiant terrace stove

terrace stoves

No efficient system

Traditional gas terrace stoves heat the air. The warm air rises because of its natural tendency and is lost.

Efficient system

The Magnovent’s gas terrace stoves for terraces radiate heat. Heat is concentrated in the objects and persons located in their operating range.


Energy savings


Radiation factor

Maximum power in kw

Characteristics of the gas stoves for terraces

The main characteristics of our gas terrace stoves for terraces are:

Power: 6-12kW
Radiation factor: 65%
Maximum consumption: Natural gas: 1,20m3/h, Propane: 0,93kg/h

Do you want to increase your sales in winter?