Industrial mobile fans

Ventilation System for all kind of areas


If you need to ventilate an industrial warehouse or any other space but you cannot install HVLS fans on the ceiling or it is a dynamic space, Magnovent has the perfect solution. Discover our Mobile Industrial Fans!


Magnovent mobile industrial fans are designed to satisfy any need of our customers. The wall or wheeled versions are ideal for installations in industries where it is not possible to install elements in the ceiling or require additional ventilation in some areas.


The small sizes of this fan make it easy to move and store. It is also controlled in a very intuitive way.


Our plug & play industrial fan is easier to use. It does not require installation and includes power switch and speed control.

AirGo P

New AirGo model with pivoting function. Easy transport thanks to the wheels it incorporates. It provides large amounts of air.

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