HVLS fans

HVLS industrial fans

HVLS fans for big industrial warehouses and buildings with high ceilings

HVLS industrial fans from Magnovent are thought to be installed in ceilings of big warehouses and buildings of high ceilings. The acronym HVLS in these fans means “High-Volume Low-Speed” as they move a high volume of air at low rpm because of their big blades. This HVLS technology increases comfort and, in combination with the existing HVAC systems, generates up to 30% energy savings.

Where can we install HVLS industrial fans?

HVLS industrial fans are installed mainly in high buildings and opened spaces. Magnovent has installed these fans in large warehouses, logistics centres, shopping centres, stations, airports, …

Why installing HVLS industrial fans?

The main difference between these big industrial fans and traditional fans is the amount of air that they can move. Traditional fans move around 10.000m3/h of air, so we need between 40 and 50 fans to reach the air volume of a single HVLS industrial fan. Furthermore, as they are installed very high, they will return no effect. The installation cost and noise for these fans is not affordable.

Where can we install the HVLS industrial fans?

In warehouses or buildings without climate systems, during the summer months, HVLS fans create an indoor breeze that increases occupants comfort and, during the winter months, homogenize the inside temperature, avoiding that heat is located on the top coats. In summer, HVLS fans can also extract heat from any opened door or window. In warehouses or buildings with climate systems, by homogenizing the temperature of the space we get a total control over it. Additionally, thanks to the air movement generated by the HVLS fans, climate systems can reduce significantly their workload providing energy savings of 25% in summer and 45% in winter.

Up to 5 meters high

Up to 7 meters high

Up to 15 meters high

Up to 30 meters high


Cooling energy savings


heating energy savings


25% SAVINGS Drastically reduce your air-conditioning costs

Using a Magnovent fan with your air-conditioning system, you can save up to 30% in cooling costs. Many of our customers have experienced even greater savings. Data based on the opinion of our customers and on an independent study conducted by HT Lyons. *Independent study upon request


45% SAVINGS Distribute heat more efficiently

Working in reverse mode, our fans re-distribute the air from the upper layers and blend (de-stratify) air to eliminate cold and hot pockets. Data based on the opinion of our customers and on an independent study conducted by the University of Liverpool. *Independent study upon request


15% HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY Healthier employees, happier customers

According to a NASA study, an increase of 5ºC in effective temperature may reduce productivity up to 10%. The airflow coming from our fans make people more comfortable and more productive.



It starts saving when it starts rotating * Based on electricity rates (0.19€/kWh of 2017). * Based on a 7m Anemoi AIRMAX 700 operating at 100% 8 hours per day

Characteristics of our hvls industrial fans

Huge air displacement
We select and advise the power of the HVLS fan in each installation so that its coverage is optimal. We do not generate an excessive breeze that can cause discomfort.
All our HVLS fans integrate a gearless direct current motor.
Easy operation
Digital touch control through individual control. Optional control of up to 25 units with automatic operation by time or temperature. Easy integration in control systems.
Magnovent, thanks to its experience of more than 10 years in the market of HVLS fans, has selected to market the best products worldwide.

Six ways HVLS fans save money


AC savings of up to 25%


Distribute heat more efficiently


Runs silently, 24/7 on pennies a day


Interfaces with your current system via gateway


Easy installation models


Gearless DC motor

Which HVLS fan you need?