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This site, like the majority of Internet sites, uses cookies to improve users’ experience. To continue using cookies, this site needs your approval, which will be tacitly produced if you continue navigating through it. If this is not the case, this document includes the necessary information to deactivate them.

You will also find information about how the “cookies” are, which kind of cookies are used in this site and how to deactivate the third-party cookies. If you don’t find the needed information, please contact

What cookies are?


Cookies are small files that some platforms, like websites, can install in your connected PC, smartphone, tablet or TV. Cookies have multiple functions: store your navigation preferences, collect statistical information, allow some technical functions, etc… Sometimes, cookies are used to store basic information about users’ navigation tendencies.

Why are they so important?


Cookies are useful for several reasons. From the technical point of view, they allow that websites operate more swiftly and adapted to your preferences, as for example storing your language or the country currency. Furthermore, they help website managers to improve the services that they offer, thanks to the statistical information collected. Finally, they are useful to make more efficient the publicity shown.

How we use cookies?


Navigate through this site implies that the following cookies can be installed:

Cookies of statistical analysis

Are those that, managed by us or by third-parties, allow knowing the number of visitors and analyse statistically the use of our services done by users. Thanks to that, we are able to study the navigation through our website and improve our products or services offer.

More information about the use of Google Analytics cookies in websites.

Register cookies

When you are registered in our site, there are cookies that are generated to identify you as registered user and indicate when you have been identified in the site.

These cookies are used to identify the user account y its associated services. These cookies are maintained while you don’t logout, close the browser or turn OFF the device.

These cookies can be used in combination with analytic data to identify individually your preferences in our site.

Other third-party cookies

In our website, third-party cookies can be installed to allow managing and improving their services. For example, social networks that allow sharing our content.

How can I eliminate cookies and configure the other preferences?

You can allow, block or eliminate cookies installed in your device setting your internet browser options. In the event of blocking them, some services that need their use won’t be available.

The next links include information about how to enable your preferences in the main browsers:

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Safari for IOS (iPhone, iPad)