Success example: Aeratron silent fans in the German School

Success example: Aeratron silent fans in the German School


Maximum comfort for students and teachers

The German School offers its students bilingual training in an intercultural environment. Committed to promoting innovation and improving the quality of facilities. Their main concern is to implement a ventilation system with quiet and highly efficient ceiling fans.

Recently, the German School of Valencia inaugurated a new building with an energy efficient design consisting of underfloor heating, Aeratron design ceiling fans and ventilated façade.

Magnovent has installed its silent fans in a large number of schools, institutes and universities, such as the Carlos II University in Madrid.



We are faced with the challenge of air-conditioning the new building in the most efficient way for the hottest months of the year. And of course, guarantee the comfort of students and teachers with really low consumption.
We were also asked to make the fans completely silent and of course, we opted for our Aeratron silent fans.



It was decided to install 34 Aeratron fans distributed in different classrooms, assembly hall and other recreational spaces in order to lower the temperature of the upper part so that it does not exceed 35ºC in summer using low consumption fans.

We installed Aeratron AE3-60 model in white color of 1.5 meters in diameter. Its installation is very simple and can be purchased directly from the online store, or if it is a more complex project, we can carry out a personalized study (

Our Aeratron silent fans are characterized by being the least consuming on the market, 3W at speed 1 and only 19W at maximum speed. He obtained the Energy Star “Most Efficient” award from 2013 to the present.

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