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Dark 32 Infrared Patio Heater


Long wave infrared electric heater for both outdoor and indoor use. It combines aesthetics and functionality. Very resistant IP 55.

Power: 3200W
Power Supply: 200 – 240 VAC I, 50/60Hz
Materials: Aluminium and glass
Heating element: stainless steel tube
Coverage: 4 x 3 m

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High performance short wave radiant electric infrared patio heater.

Includes remote control of three heat stages (33%, 66% and 100%) and a 24 hour timer. The Dark 32 wall-mounted terrace heater features an exclusive design and provides an enveloping heat sensation without emitting any light or noise.

Perfect for heating installations in both outdoor and indoor spaces: Terraces, Gardens, Hotels, Homes, Cafeterias, Swimming Pools, Shops, Offices, Workstations inside Warehouses or Factories, Assembly lines, Churches, Chapels, etc.

  • No air movement
  • Mechanical control
  • No oxygen consumption
  • No fumes, no dust, bad odours or humidity
  • Infrared heater for wall installation
  • Highly resistant: IP 55
  • Water protection for outdoor installation

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Weight10.5 kg
Dimensions143 × 7 × 20 cm