Process Improvement


The scope of all production companies is to increase productivity to be more profitable. Magnovent offers different solutions that improve processes like paint, liquids, food or seeds dry and that also improve the animals living conditions in farms to increase productivity.

It has been also shown that improving the animals living conditions in egg or milk farms, their production is increased. In fact, HVLS fans were invented for a cow farm.

Magnovent is able to control humidity in the wood drying process with nebulizers.

Magnovent has convection drying systems, combined drying systems of radiation by convection or infrarred radiant drying systems for: Paper industry, Textile industry, Steel industry, Aluminium industry, Plastics industry & Ceramics industry.

By using all of them gas as fuel, we managed to greatly reduce the costs of the system.


Among the most striking drying facilities that we have carried out is the development of systems for melting train wagons with infrared gas heaters.

In industries with high heat emissions as ceramics, thanks to the combination of HVLS fans and automated windows, heat exhaust is forced, lowering the thermal load of installations.

Food and seeds desiccation or drying can be done faster thanks to the HVLS fans which homogenize temperature in the drying chambers and reduce their humidity. We have already performed installations in tiger nuts storage buildings and ham dryers with excelent results.

Production processes Magnovent

In livestock industries, HVLS fans improve animals productivity because of the thermal conditions improvement which makes animal farms more profitable.