Efficient air conditioning systems for industrial plants and buildings with high ceilings.

The air conditioning solutions for industrial buildings and buildings with high ceilings that we offer are designed to meet the needs of our customers.

Improving energy efficiency is necessary in all types of buildings since in addition to reducing the amounts of energy bills, they contribute to a more sustainable environment for all and Magnovent currently has innovative energy efficient solutions that achieve it.

The systems of efficient solutions of industrial air conditioning that we sell, apart from being efficient, guarantee the comfort of the occupants of the buildings.

We are also able to solve problems of concentration of airborne particles, odors, and humidity in industrial buildings and buildings with high ceilings.

air conditioning solutions with ventilation
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Energy savings

Consulting service to achieve the greatest possible savings

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Thermal comfort

Thermal solutions for summer and winter comfort

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CO2 Emissions decrease

Solutions for important carbon footprint reduction

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Humidity control

Solutions for humidity reduction or increase

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Process improvement

Make the drying process faster and increase productivity